产品编号: 62522352816 产品名称: DQ-2琴台柜

DQ-2 Piano platform cabinet
1. Front and rear open door and operating panel cover can be opened, convenient to install;
2. Internal installation plate can move to and fro, make internal installation more flexible;
3. Door panel strip installation: weld panel strip with assembly holes perpendiculy to the sides of cabinet door and upper and lower positions of operation surface cover. Relying on panel strip, it makes door plate and cover installation more flexible, line orientation more convenient;
4. Slot cabinet side and door polyurethane sealing strip ensures cabinet protection grade; 
5. Left and right door plate installation is interchangable, strengthenning function of cabinet;
6. Original import operation surface cover hydraulic support, promoting cabinet class extensively, reveal humanized cabinet design.

1、安装板一块 (镀锌) 
2、前后开门,操 作面盖板可打开 并配有液压支撑 
3、简易包装 柜体颜色 RAL7032(喷塑) 
1. One installation plate (galvanized)
2. Opening front and rear door, operating panel cover can be opened, with hydraulic support
3. Simple packing Cabinet color RAL7032(plastic spraying)

1、材料 冷轧钢板 门2.0mm 箱体1.5mm 安装板2.5mm 
表面处理 磷化、喷塑 防护等级 IP54 1. Material 
Cold rolled steel plate 
Door 2.0 mm 
Cabinet 1.5 mm 
Installation plate 2.5 mm Surface treatment
Phosphating, plastic spraying
Protection grade IP54


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